A Brief History

Some people wondering, what is actually Gambir Sarawak? Gambir found in Sarawak is actually a tree/shrub, that used to be popular for chewing with betel nut. Traditionally about 1/4 of a whole betel nut would be wrap inside a leaf with a pinch of lime and a little gambir flavoring, the whole quid would be chewed, swallowing the secreted juices. Meanwhile, it is also known to be used as an important leather tanning material. There is even a street named after it, The Gambir Street, as Gambir and other spices were actively traded back in the early 1900's in Kuching Sarawak.

It’s All About Gambir Sarawak

Over the year, the usages of Gambir tree bark have been diversified. The villager folks use them to cure gum and tooth ache by placing it in the affected area. Some more, it is also believed able to cure sinus pain and relief insect bites. To date there have been no scientific studies carried on them but it is believed that it contains a local anesthetic property. Surprisingly nowadays, due to human ingenuity, Gambir Sarawak is mostly sought after as a sex aid. Aphrodisiac, as some claimed. Normally it is used by men to prolong (local version of spanish fly) and help penis erections. Furthermore, Gambir bark measuring 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch are usually sold in individual packet. The usage of Gambir is simple and easy, thus a tiny amount is recommended for first time user as the sensation could be overwhelmed.

Some More About Gambir Sarawak

Although it's mainly used by men, there have been reports that women uses them as well, loves the burning sensation on their labia and have achieved multiple orgasms due to the tingling sensation and the prolong performance by their lover. However, the affect might differ with each individual. Interestingly, there has no report of side affect or allergy of Gambir as it is made from natural organic material. On top of that, if unsure please do try on a small skin surface before hand.In fact, it's a perfect herbal solution that has no side effect at all, but has 100% guaranteed results! Awesome!

What It’s Look Liked ???

A Unit Of The Herb (Gambir Sarawak). Each can be used many times.

Multi Use Use Of Gambir Sarawak (The Wonderful Herbs)

Original Gambir Sarawak traditionally used by native people in Sarawak famously to prolong and help penis erections. Beside that it is also being used for another purpose such as:
1. Gum and tooth ache
2. Bitten by insects
3. Before piercing
4. Minor cut
5. Prolong penis erection. Thats For Sure!

Simple Few Steps How To Use …

Some Simple Instructions:
1. Tear a small piece, about ¼ and place in palm.

2. Drip a few drops of water on the Gambir.

3. Twirl to mix water and Gambir for a minute.

4. Apply to penis and wait for 1-3 minutes.
5. Remember to rinse the excess off as it will heat up like menthol.
6. Enjoy! And ride into the night. Yuhuu!!

p/s: Apply to sensitive part of penis (mushroom area) and when it is hard...

Where To Buy ???

Where to buy? Its commonly available at five-foot way along shop houses sold by unlicensed peddlers at their makeshift stalls. Since they are on the move all the time, people should be weary of what or from whom they buy it from, as it could be fake. However, with the accesibility of internet you can get it so easily. Just contact me through email. For those who interested in genuine gambir or have any questions, simply email me for assistance. Your confidential absolutely will be assured.

Somewhere At Gambir Street, Kuching Sarawak

How Much ???


1 UNIT - RM10.00
3 UNITS - RM25.00
7 UNITS - RM50.00

+ RM5 for shipping/posting cost

Special Offer For You..

How To Buy ???

Easy..just 2 Step:
1. Kindly, email your some detail as follow to NyquistAries@gmail.com
:: Name
:: Postal Address
:: How many item you want.
2. Done!

Note: Confidential definitely will be assured. So don't be hesitated just E-mail me. As simple as that!